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Fix Your Smile: The Personal Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

benefits of cosmetic dentistry

If you are curious about cosmetic dentistry, there are many advantages to be had from the different procedures you can consider. What kind of benefits you get from cosmetic dentistry all depends on what kind of services you are considering. For a clearer picture, meet with your dentist and discuss what they recommend to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Enhanced Smile

Some of the more common procedures are when patients get porcelain veneers, dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental or tooth bonding, mercury-free white fillings, or invisible braces. These are commonly recommended by dentists to help give you a smile you love. Your dental cosmetic clinic may suggest you mask discoloration, reshape a smile, and whiten your teeth or a variety of other procedures, to change your look. It’s important to discuss areas you want to be changed, and they will talk you through what procedure they offer for that.

Improved Confidence

If you have been feeling ashamed of your teeth, like many people do, you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of ways your dentist can help you. With all the different breakthroughs in technology, cosmetic dentistry treatments are becoming more affordable to a greater range of people. Affordability means you don’t have to feel ashamed when you smile, and instead you can show off your pearly whites.

Sense of Pride

When you have a smile you’re proud of; confidence will radiate in everything you do. That same swell in pride can benefit you while on the job and in personal relationships. If you don’t feel confident about your smile, your dentist can help you determine a course of action to improve it. The improved techniques will offer you plenty of choices to improve your look; you only need to find the right match.

Improved Function

Not only will an enhanced smile make you look better, it will provide improved function as well. If you have missing teeth replaced, get your alignment adjusted, or have broken teeth fixed, you will see better mechanics in your bite. Getting braces doesn’t always mean straight teeth is the goal, it may also be to allow you improved chewing ability. Whether for looks or function, braces are a part of cosmetic dentistry.

Fast Results

Perhaps one of the best benefits for cosmetic family dentistry is that it will provide you with immediate results. If you are looking for an implant, your recovery period may be there, but it’s not as if you’re waiting for the growth of a new tooth. You can improve your smile in just a few short hours when you’re looking at dental cosmetic procedures like tooth whitening. Many patients find the quick recovery period to be their favorite reason to seek cosmetic work or cosmetic dental treatment.

Stronger Teeth

A crooked bite may not just look less than desirable; it may cause problems when food is chewed. It may be painful or cause other problems as well. Bonding is a procedure your dentist may use. Depending on what you need, your dentist may offer to replace broken or chipped teeth, repair damage from decay and plethora of other services. Some procedures are purely cosmetic, while others will improve your bite and in some cases, even relieve pain.

The above points provide a glimpse into the range of benefits you can get if considering cosmetic dentistry. They won’t apply to every patient, but some people can benefit from more than one procedure. The best way to find out what you can do to improve your smile is to make an appointment with your dentist and discuss your plan of action. A professional can help you get an idea of where to start and how to maintain your smile!

8 Good Dental Habits for Tip-Top Hygiene

dental health

Dental hygiene is important for maintaining a good overall health. Having a consistent dental hygiene care in place ensures that you won’t suffer from tooth decay that can result in extractions being required. If your dental hygiene is adequate to none, you could be allowing bacteria to grow in your mouth and infections to take place. These infections include gum diseases like gingivitis or even periodontitis, which, in the worst cases can cause the bone structure underneath the teeth to decay to the point where your teeth will fall out. Infections can also go to the bloodstream which can cause sepsis and other severe blood disorders.

The good news is that in order to have a good oral dental hygiene, you will need to develop a few basic habits so that you can avoid having problems with your oral health. Some of these habits are as follows:

1. Eat a Balanced Diet:

Eating a balanced diet is vital to ensuring that your oral health stays at its premium. Beyond providing adequate nutrients to your body, a balanced diet limits processed foods and artificial dyes and sweeteners that are “hardest” on our teeth. This helps ensure that our teeth enamel is not worn through. Also, many foods like fruits and vegetables can even help “clean” our teeth to keep them healthy for longer.

2. Limit Sugary Drinks:

Drinks with a lot of added dyes and sugars like sodas and teas can stain the teeth, not to mention all the added and unnecessary sugars you add to your diet. If you are going to enjoy sugary drinks, limit them to one or two drinks per day, and at least rinse with water when you are done to keep the sugars from sitting on and destroying your teeth.

3. Limit Processed Foods:

Processed foods are full of sugars and chemicals that can cause some havoc on your oral health. Choose healthier, whole food options as much as you can and make sure that you are drinking plenty of water to help rinse out your mouth after each meal/snack to keep the complex sugars and other chemicals from ruining your teeth.

4. Chew Sugarless Gum:

Chewing sugarless gum that is approved for good oral health by the American Dental Association (ADA) can help remove any extra sugars or other compounds from breaking down the enamel on your teeth which can result in cavities and eventually in tooth decay.

5. Don’t Chew on Foreign Objects:

Many people have habits of chewing on pen caps or biting their nails. These habits can be hard to break, but chewing on those kinds of objects can cause teeth to chip or break, which can result in expensive procedures and a damaged smile.

6. Brush Daily:

Be sure to use an American Dental Association (ADA)-certified toothbrush that has small bristles and is rounded in shape to brush your teeth at least 2x daily. Ideally this is done after breakfast and again before bedtime each day.

7. Floss Daily:

Many people believe brushing is enough, but the truth is that flossing is also equally important. Ensuring you floss once per day (preferably before bedtime) guarantees that you are removing the food particles that get caught between your teeth instead of letting that bacteria sit and build up on your teeth overnight. Flossing daily keeps your gums healthy and can help prevent gingivitis from taking hold as well.

8. Visit Your Dentist Regularly:

Be sure that you are visiting your dentist at least once every 6 months for regular oral examinations. This will protect your teeth from cavities and other problems that can arise. Seeing your dentist twice a year also helps you address any issues immediately before they worsen.


5 Ways in Which Cosmetic Dentistry Enhances Your Life

Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people have heard of cosmetic dentistry services or have friends or an acquaintance with someone who have had cosmetic dentistry performed on them. The most common advertisements are for teeth straightening and whitening, and many people who have undergone these treatments have benefited in a variety ways. Cosmetic dentistry can improve mental health and state of being, and it can give you a confidence boost. Texas has some of the best people to handle this dental specialty, especially our cosmetic dentist in Houston at Bellaire Dental Group. In this blog, we’ve shared five ways in which the procedures can improve your life.

Improve Your Confidence

As time goes on, your tooth enamel may start to suffer chips and darken, which will make most people feel self-conscious about their smile. It is nothing to be ashamed of because these are naturally occurring problems we suffer from with aging. There is no reason to let that hinder your confidence though since the latest dental technology allows for teeth whitening, veneers and straightening. These procedures will make you embrace the world with confidence and a new smile.

Enhance Your Social Life

The way you perceive your self-image, and the way you feel about yourself is paramount especially to your mental health and to a slightly lesser degree, your physical health. This is the reason there has been such a marked increase in superficial cosmetic procedures like Botox. It is difficult to have a happy life when you cannot feel good about yourself and your appearance. No one wants to walk around in the same tattered, dirty clothes day after day, so it should make sense why some people do not want to walk around with the same crooked and stained teeth. Brushing regularly with whitening toothpaste can make a difference under normal circumstances, but there are other procedures and medications that are sometimes required to get the proper result. Cosmetic dentistry can help fill that void in your self-esteem. The perfect cosmetic dentist in Houston may be able to give you what you need to enhance your social life.

Perfect Teeth May be one of Several Avenues to a Career Boost

Cosmetic dentistry services have a way of being able to give you a more polished, professional look too. Everyone knows the more professional you look the more likely you are to be viewed as a professional. Issues with your teeth can cause feelings of self-consciousness, which will project a less professional aura. Also, a less than perfect appearance may cause others to view you negatively. This may appear to be vain and give off the impression that professionals are superficial, but this is certainly not the case. Extremely professional people hold themselves to a different standard both outside and in, and they wish to do business with like-minded individuals.

Make Your Teeth Feel Better

Cosmetic dentists in Houston are as equally dedicated to making your teeth look better as they are to making your teeth feel better. For example, crooked teeth can actually be quite painful because they may affect your bite. If your bite is not correct, then you may be headed to dealing with a condition known as TMJ pain and worn spots may start showing up on you teeth. In addition to TMJ pain and worn spots, it is far easier to get food stuck inside of cooked teeth. A solution to this isolated example is dental veneers because they are able to seal up damages in your teeth in order to prevent cracks from getting worse over time. This is just one example of how a skilled cosmetic dentist can add years of the life to your teeth.

It May Add Years to Your Life

According to a study in the Daily Mail, smiling can add years to your life. In fact, there have been many more studies to corroborate the results. The reason is simple stress reduction. Smiling reduces stress. This may seem almost gimmicky until it is broken down scientifically. When stress is reduced from smiling, endorphins get released in your blood stream, which authentically boosts the human immune system. Also, the position of the neck and jaw are crucial to airflow, and if it is not kept in check there is usually a number of health problems awaiting a person who found a reason not to smile.

Cosmetic dentistry has helped so many people for a variety of reasons. The reasons range from psychological to physical and sometimes both. The human body operates much better if it is healthy and smiling with confidence.

Do Whitening Toothpastes Really Work?

tooth brush

The answer to the question is yes they do. But only to the extent of being able to remove stains on the surface of the enamel of the teeth-the kind of stains that may occur due to smoking or excessive drinking of coffee. What whitening toothpastes cannot achieve is to bring about a change in the natural color of one’s teeth. These can also not remove stains that extend deeper beyond the enamel of the teeth.

However, using whitening toothpastes is not the only way we can get our teeth whitened. For instance, professional teeth whitening in Houston is usually carried out by dentists who offer their clients a number of customized whitening options that best suit their requirements and budgets. For people who don’t like their teeth to be anything less than perfect, including how white they look, going to a dentist is the only way to obtain obvious and lasting results.

One of the most popular ways of obtaining a perfect white look for your teeth, without any blemishes is to go in for teeth whitening veneers. The doctor can use teeth whitening veneers made of porcelain that will effectively camouflage any stains or discoloration on your teeth.

Tooth implant surgery is resorted to as a means to replace teeth which have outlived their utility, both in terms of their functionality and appearance. The tooth implant surgery procedure entails using replacement material that is anchored to the jawbone, which makes them both long-lasting and appear and feel like one’s natural teeth. Of course one should go to a dentist who has an excellent reputation as a dental implant surgeon of some standing.

There are a large number of solutions to one’s dental issues and what we eventually choose is decided by what it is that suits us best. For stains that are limited to the enamel of the teeth and caused by things like smoking and drinking beverages like coffee and wine, which will leave your teeth stained, it would make a lot of sense to use a whitening toothpaste. Of course, it is important that a person continues to maintain good oral hygiene, regular professional teeth cleaning visits and refrain from things like smoking and drinking and eating things that caused the staining in the first place.

If the problem is more severe in that it is not limited to the enamel of the teeth and extends deeper or you’re unhappy with the natural color of your teeth then you should consult with a dentist about using an appropriate technique to rectify the problem.

Your face is the index of the mind and nothing defines a face better than a radiant and confident smile. That smile could be severely constrained by teeth related problems. There is no reason why this should be an issue these days when we have so many options available to correct any teeth related problems a person may suffer from. Contact us today @ Bellaire Dental Group for more information.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right For Me?

Sedation Dentistry

Houston, Texas is a large city and one that has intricate and various needs. When it comes to dentistry, those needs remain high and come in all forms. What’s important when visiting your local dentist in Houston is that you have an understanding of both your challenges and who can help aid you in solving any of those obstacles.

One of the considerations you’ll have to make is a choice between sedation or no sedation at all. Here are a few more factors and considerations for sedation dentistry and if it’s right for you or not.

Why Sedation Dentistry?

You are now at the dentist’s office. Let’s imagine everything you see while you sit in the doctor’s operating chair. For some people, none of these things matter. For a few others, every shiny object, pointed tool or vibrating mechanic is just too much to deal with.

It might make you woozy, claustrophobic and even might make you come down with a bad stint of anxiety. In this latter example, something has to be done in order for your dentist to finish their work and without you calling the police to file assault charges.

This is often where sedation comes in. Some cases of dental hygiene are so bad that nothing but sedation, while an operation is in order, can keep a patient like you from feeling too much pain. And these are the factors you should consider. Here are other things you should take into account as well:

* Bellaire Dental Group offers oral route of sedation (pills) as well as Nitrous Oxide (aka Laughing gas) sedation.

* In the event of oral sedation, you will need a driver to drive you to and from your appointment.

* Nitrous Oxide sedation doesn’t not require a driver as you will be able to feel completely back to normal as soon the gas turned off.

* Both options are great and help you relax while getting necessary dental procedures done.

Who You Can Contact and Why

The reason you might request or need sedation dentistry are many. Let’s take a look at some. If you’re usually diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, then sedation may be a good idea regardless of the operation in order. You’ll also benefit from this process if you fear the repetition of a bad experience you had with a dentist.

If you simply have a real phobia to the dentist office, then tell your dentist and ask for help. Don’t let fear stand in the way of getting best dental care possible. Talk to your dentist and consider sedation options.


6 Foods to Eat If You Want Healthier Gums

apple for healthier gum

There are various stages of gum disease, Gingivitis, Periodontitis and Advanced Periodontitis. Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease that causes your gums to become red, swollen and bleed easily. Sometimes with Gingivitis you can experience little to no discomfort at all. It is primarily caused by inadequate oral hygiene yet it is reversible if the proper gum infection treatment is applied by a qualified professional, followed by practicing good oral care at home. Several other factors that can contribute to Gingivitis include diabetes, smoking, aging, hereditary issues, not receiving the proper nutrition in your diet, puberty, drug and alcohol abuse and use of certain medications.

Periodontitis is the next, more severe and chronic stage of gum disease. It is a bacterial gum infection that involves the tissues surrounding the teeth. This can result in the loss of the tooth or multiple teeth. It may even increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Regular professional cleanings, good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits will help patients to prevent gum disease. Following a healthy diet that is not high in carbohydrates, sugar and starches is important.  These elements contribute to the production of plaque, which break down tooth enamel causing cavities. Some foods are very beneficial in protecting teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene.


Regular servings of milk, along with other dairy products that are full of the protein caseins, can help prevent gum disease. Caseins help prevent gum disease by neutralizing acid levels in the mouth by creating a protective film that coats the teeth. Milk also contains calcium and phosphorus, which are essential to building strong, healthy tooth enamel.


Strawberries are packed with vitamin C, which plays an important role in the overall health of gum tissue by maintaining and repairing tissue. Vitamin C helps to prevent the collagen in teeth from breaking down while preventing the growth of cavity causing bacteria. Vitamin C is also essential to maintaining a healthy immune system that will help avoid infections in your gums.


Apples are high in fiber, which acts as saliva stimulate during the chewing process that in turn cleanses the surface of teeth and gums by removing plaque. Apples are also full of nutrition, which helps maintain a healthy diet that boosts the immune system. Having a healthy immune system is essential to fighting off infections.


Green tea is great for fighting inflammation due it containing catechins that also control bacterial infections. Green tea has antibacterial properties that discourage plaque buildup while weakening existing plaque and bacteria. Studies have shown that those who regularly drink green tea have less occurrences of gum disease compared to those who don’t.


Beef and lamb have high levels of zinc. Zinc can boost the immune system along with being an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It also inhibits the formation of tartar along the gum line. Lean meats also contain Vitamin B6, which is beneficial in fighting off gum disease by promoting cell growth for healthy blood.


Cod, salmon, tuna, trout, sardines and herring all contain Omega-3, which reduces the risk for gum disease. They are also a rich source of protein, which promotes a healthy immune system that is beneficial in fighting off bacterial infections. Omega-3 fatty acids are also found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which could explain how they are able to fight gum disease.

It is important to consume a healthy diet in order to maintain good oral hygiene. Additionally, in order to prevent gum disease Houston residents should regularly follow up with their dentists.

Have A Teething Baby: Here’s a Few Tips to Soothe the Pain

baby teethingTeething is a significant step in the growth of a baby, and generally, it starts between the ages of 4 to 7 months of the child. Though it is considered as a welcoming sign of growth, babies feel discomfort and pain during the teething period. Due to this, the parents should take care of their kids and make them ease into the transition period. Parents can ensure the comfort of their babies by applying some simple steps. However, if the infant feels extreme pain or is visibly struggling with symptoms, parents should immediately consult with pediatrician or general dentist. Here are some simple tips to soothe the pain of a teething baby.

Apply Cold

Parents can use cold washcloths, a cold spoon, or chilled teething rings to reduce the pain, and help their babies chew these items to feel more relaxed. The cold substances can create a cool condition inside the mouth and reduce the swelling, inflammation, and pain. Cool and soft food is also an excellent choice as some babies experience loss of appetite due to teething. People should keep in mind that anything frozen would not help out in the situation as it can worsen the health of the baby.

Gently Apply Pressure

The teething can be learned from when kids start chewing on whatever they get their hands on. It could be their fingers, toys and more, and this is a balancing act or counter pressure applied by the baby to contain the teething pain. Therefore, parents can help the baby to apply the pressure on the gums effortlessly. The easiest way is to rub the gums of the baby with a clean finger. People can also utilize a moistened gauze pad if they are uncomfortable in using their fingers.

Make Use of Various Teething Devices

Parents can invest on teething devices that are available in the stores or purchase it online. The devices are either traditional teething rings, small plastic devices, or teething blankets specially made for the young ones. The babies would find it pleasing and relaxing when biting on these accessories. Some of the teething devices vibrate or massage the gums of the babies and give a better relief.

Food is a Remedy

Feeding hard food is another option as it demands the chewing or gnawing by the baby. Teething biscuits, peeled carrots, and cucumber are excellence choice for hard food. While chewing, gums get the pressure that can help relieve the pain. However, parents should ensure that the babies are old enough to have solid foods.


A number of gels and creams are available in the market for relieving the teething pain. Per the FDA guidelines, medications which contain benzocaine should not be used by children below two years without consulting a physician. The gels or creams usually come with local antiseptic and anesthetic. However, the parents should remember that the gels can be washed away by their baby’s saliva, and the effect would not last for long.

How to Maintain a Fresh Breath

fresh breathMost of us live busy lives and those hectic schedules we keep every day often prevent us from brushing our teeth. The look of our teeth is important but more important than that is our breath. In this blog, you will learn simple tricks to maintain a fresh breath.

Brush your teeth, no matter where you are!

Of course, most of us brush our teeth at home but brushing should also be done throughout the day, especially at work. Keep toothbrush and mouthwash at work and keep your teeth clean after lunch or a coffee break. Portable toothbrushes and small tubes of toothpaste can be taken almost anywhere. In addition, don’t forget that small package of floss!

Be careful of the food you choose!

Many of us eat out these days; it’s easy, convenient and we don’t have to prepare the meals or clean up. However, selecting smart food choices should be a high priority. No matter if you eat at home or eat out, choose your meals wisely. Foods laced with garlic and onions may taste good at lunch but won’t make you popular once you have finished your meal. After you have eaten foods that contain odorous foods like garlic and onions, chew on some sugar-free gum or the parsley garnish from your meal.

Practice good oral care

Good dental care should be practiced all the time; not just now and then. Just like the rest of your body; good oral care is necessary in order to preserve good oral health. In addition, don’t forget the mouthwash. Mouthwash will keep your teeth and gums clean and will give you fresh breath.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is usually caused by the bacterial byproducts. Other causes of bad breath are dry mouth, poor dental hygiene, infection, disease, smoking and dieting. Other causes of bad breath are respiratory infections and acid reflux.

Other ways to keep your breath fresh

You may not know it; but by snacking on apples, celery and carrots, you can remove food that often gets caught between your teeth. These foods will rub away bacteria that resides on them and provide an effective way that will lead to fresher breath and will also keep the arteries in your body freer of sticky and harmful plaque. Drinking 48 ounces of water a day will lubricate your mouth, flush away bacteria and keep your body well-hydrated. Keep in mind; brushing and flossing are effective ways to keep your teeth and gums in good shape; however, your tongue should also be cleaned. Bacteria sticks to your taste buds; by using a tongue scraper or toothbrush to brush your tongue, you are able to remove the bacteria or plaque that forms on your tongue.

To conclude, most of us live busy lives and those hectic schedules we try to keep every day often prevent us from brushing our teeth. Talk with your dentist today and find out other ways to keep your teeth, gums and breath clean and fresh!

3 Recent Advancements in Dentistry That You Should Know About

General Dentistry

Sitting in a dentist chair is more enjoyable these days; especially with the new dental technology that is now in place. There are several recent advancements in dentistry that you may not know about; advancements that have improved dental care as we know it. Cosmetic implant dentistry provides function as well as an overall good appearance.

Digital x-rays

One recent advancement is digital x-rays. They are quickly replacing traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are more efficient and faster than traditional x-rays. What makes digital x-rays so good is that they can be stored on a computer and then compared with previous or future images to see how your teeth and gums are being maintained. In addition, the radiation dose is much lower than traditional x-rays. Besides finding cavities, digital x-rays also get a closer look at the bone below the teeth to see if the bone level is good. Bellaire Dental Group in Houston can answer all your questions about cosmetic dentistry.

Diode laser for seeking out cavities

For many years, dentists have been using what is known as an “explorer” when searching for cavities. However, many dentists today are switching to the “diode laser.” The diode laser is a high-tech tool that is used to detect and remove cavities. The laser is being used to see if there is any decay in a tooth. Bellaire Dental Group uses DiagnoDent Laser for cavity detection at routine hygiene and check up appointments. The dentist, during follow-up checkups can examine the tooth and compare it to the levels of the last visit or remove the cavity and have the tooth filled. Talk with your dentist today and find out about cosmetic implant dentistry.

Check out CAD/CAM technology!

Another recent advancement in dentistry is what is known as CAD/CAM technology. CAD means computer-assisted design and CAM stands for computer-assisted manufacture. What this means to you and me is that we will have fewer dental visits to complete procedures like bridges and crowns. Crowns and bridges often take several dental sessions but with this technology, preparation is made by drilling the tooth and a picture is then taken with a computer. The image is then relayed to a machine that makes the crown right in the dentist’s office.

Thinner veneers and more effective bonding and filling

Most importantly, another advancement in dentistry is thinner veneers. Veneers are thin moldings that are used to cover the front of crooked or unattractive teeth. Now, with new materials, it is possible to create much thinner veneers, veneers that are just as strong. It is important to note; dentists now have better bonding and filling materials. Bonding material in today’s dental offices is plastic. This plastic is long and shinier and will last longer. And, because there are now a wider variety of shades available, the bonding material has a more natural look. Talk with a dentist in Houston, TX soon and find out about cosmetic dentistry.

New gum disease treatments!

Most importantly, there are now new gum disease treatments. In the past, the focus of gum disease treatment has been to clean the root surfaces to remove the plaque and tartar, as well as gum surgery. Now, gum disease treatment includes regenerative procedures. Lasers, bone grafts or proteins are being used to help regenerate bone and tissue to combat gum disease.

To conclude, going to the dentist is more enjoyable these days; especially with the new dental technology. Talk with a dentist in Houston, TX today and find out about the many cosmetic dental procedures available!

5 Healthy Habits to Prevent Tooth Decay

Brush Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a menace that affects many People across America. In most cases, it is as a result of either ignorance or just mere neglect of dental hygiene. There are many ways of preventing tooth decay. The problem is that most people tend to ignore dentist’s advice on how to maintain dental health.

Nonetheless, if you can start practicing good dental hygiene habits at a young age, you can have clean healthy and stronger teeth all through your life. Also, parents can help their children develop good dental hygiene practices from their tender ages.

Medical Recommendations on How to prevent tooth Decay

There are some ways through which tooth decay can be avoided. We have listed 5 healthy habits to prevent tooth decay below.

1. Brush your teeth on a daily basis.

Dentists recommend every individual to brush their teeth after every meal to get rid of the food particles within your cavities. You should use a toothbrush with soft bristles which will be able to penetrate to all parts of your mouth quickly. Be patient while brushing your teeth, take note of the biting surfaces and ensure you use up and down strokes in the process of tooth brushing. Besides that, you should also change your toothbrush at least after every three months.

2. Use of Dental Floss

Dentists also recommend the use of dental floss as an efficient way of preventing tooth decay. Dental floss helps in actually cleaning in between your teeth. The floss is essential because it helps in getting rid of all remnants of food particles between your teeth where a toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing should at least be done every day since it helps in preventing food particles from decaying in your mouth.

3. Take note of what you eat

Certain types of food are notable for directly causing tooth decay. They include; sugar, pastries, cakes as well as sugary drinks such as juices and sodas. Such sugary foods should either be taken in moderation or be completely avoided if possible because sugar is a fertile breeding ground of bacteria for cavities. You can replace that by adopting healthy foods that strengthen your teeth such as fresh fruits, dairy products, cereals, and vegetables. They are well known to prevent tooth decay and even strengthen your teeth.

4. Use of Fluoride

The use of toothpaste that contains fluoride also assists in making your teeth resistant to tooth decay. Most medical practitioners especially dentists attest that fluoride can make your teeth healthy as well as prevent them from rotting easily. Other than brushing your teeth with kinds of toothpaste that contain fluoride, it is also recommended that you regularly drink water with a certain amount of fluoride.

5. Sealants for Children

The biting surfaces are the ones that are often attacked by cavities. Children are usually vulnerable and can easily be attacked by cavities since they don’t brush their teeth properly especially the back teeth. That is why dentists recommend parents to have sealants put on the surface of their children’s teeth. This will help protect them from cavities since the surface of your child’s teeth is perfectly protected from tooth decay.

In a nutshell, tooth decay can be easily prevented by adopting healthy eating habits as well as following the practices mentioned above. Also, parents can help instill such good dental hygiene habits to their children while they are still young to prevent problems in the future.