3 Recent Advancements in Dentistry That You Should Know About

General Dentistry

Sitting in a dentist chair is more enjoyable these days; especially with the new dental technology that is now in place. There are several recent advancements in dentistry that you may not know about; advancements that have improved dental care as we know it. Cosmetic implant dentistry provides function as well as an overall good appearance.

Digital x-rays

One recent advancement is digital x-rays. They are quickly replacing traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are more efficient and faster than traditional x-rays. What makes digital x-rays so good is that they can be stored on a computer and then compared with previous or future images to see how your teeth and gums are being maintained. In addition, the radiation dose is much lower than traditional x-rays. Besides finding cavities, digital x-rays also get a closer look at the bone below the teeth to see if the bone level is good. Bellaire Dental Group in Houston can answer all your questions about cosmetic dentistry.

Diode laser for seeking out cavities

For many years, dentists have been using what is known as an “explorer” when searching for cavities. However, many dentists today are switching to the “diode laser.” The diode laser is a high-tech tool that is used to detect and remove cavities. The laser is being used to see if there is any decay in a tooth. Bellaire Dental Group uses DiagnoDent Laser for cavity detection at routine hygiene and check up appointments. The dentist, during follow-up checkups can examine the tooth and compare it to the levels of the last visit or remove the cavity and have the tooth filled. Talk with your dentist today and find out about cosmetic implant dentistry.

Check out CAD/CAM technology!

Another recent advancement in dentistry is what is known as CAD/CAM technology. CAD means computer-assisted design and CAM stands for computer-assisted manufacture. What this means to you and me is that we will have fewer dental visits to complete procedures like bridges and crowns. Crowns and bridges often take several dental sessions but with this technology, preparation is made by drilling the tooth and a picture is then taken with a computer. The image is then relayed to a machine that makes the crown right in the dentist’s office.

Thinner veneers and more effective bonding and filling

Most importantly, another advancement in dentistry is thinner veneers. Veneers are thin moldings that are used to cover the front of crooked or unattractive teeth. Now, with new materials, it is possible to create much thinner veneers, veneers that are just as strong. It is important to note; dentists now have better bonding and filling materials. Bonding material in today’s dental offices is plastic. This plastic is long and shinier and will last longer. And, because there are now a wider variety of shades available, the bonding material has a more natural look. Talk with a dentist in Houston, TX soon and find out about cosmetic dentistry.

New gum disease treatments!

Most importantly, there are now new gum disease treatments. In the past, the focus of gum disease treatment has been to clean the root surfaces to remove the plaque and tartar, as well as gum surgery. Now, gum disease treatment includes regenerative procedures. Lasers, bone grafts or proteins are being used to help regenerate bone and tissue to combat gum disease.

To conclude, going to the dentist is more enjoyable these days; especially with the new dental technology. Talk with a dentist in Houston, TX today and find out about the many cosmetic dental procedures available!