5 Things You Should Know About Dental Crowns

Dental crown

You Can’t Always Avoid Dental Work

Even if you go to the dentist regularly and take good care of your teeth, it can sometimes be necessary to get dental caps and crowns. Depending on what kind of dental work your dentist prescribes, you may need to get a crown. A crown is normally used to fix a damaged or missing tooth.

A Dental Crown Explained

* A dental crown is a cap for teeth that is essentially used to cover any damage that appear above or sometimes below the gum line. If you have damaged teeth and need to have a crown added, you can get dental crowns for your teeth to look their best.

* Once you get your dental crown, the teeth that the crown is covering no longer need to be pulled. It also means that surgery or any invasive procedure is no longer necessary. The crown will act as a protective cover for the tooth and will prevent any further damage from being caused to the tooth.

* If you get dental crowns, it will be a temporary option to begin with. Many initial crowns are meant to be temporary while the second application will need to be applied as a more permanent solution. The temporary is basically there to offer protection while the dental laboratory prepares the final and permanent crown. The final or permanent crown will match the other teeth of the patient and will have a perfect fit. It will be applied with dental cement or a strong adhesive to keep it in place.

What Dental Caps and Crowns Are Made of

* Dental caps and crowns can be made from many different materials. A ceramic dental crown is really quite common. Some crowns are also made of a gold alloy. In some instances, crowns can be made from a combination of ceramic and metal. A new material that is being used is known as Zirconia and is growing in popularity.

* Dental crowns can often be mistaken for fillings, but they are applied in very different ways. Filling is paced into the tooth white dental crown is placed over the tooth to allow full protective coverage.

More About Crowns

Tooth preparation for crowns may cause some discomfort, but for the most part, the process is relatively pain-free. Crowns will usually last for many years. Crowns cannot be whitened, so if they discolor, they’ll have to be replaced, but crowns can be made to match the teeth that you have to begin with. Crowns are a great way to get your smile looking great again.