6 Top Tips for Invisalign Braces

Invisalign alignerThe world is developing real fast with everything around us transforming. It is happening very rapidly as we speak. The changes have been visible in the health industry as well. The area that has seen the most transformation is the Orthodontic treatment practice.

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way since the days of hammer and clasp. Even metal braces which were a common feature among adolescents even a few years ago are being seen as relics of the past.

This has become possible with the coming of Invisalign braces. Earlier, metal braces were used for shifting teeth to proper places and aligning them. These braces used to be quite ugly and heavy on the jaw. Invisalign braces are a series of custom made plastic aligners which help in shifting the teeth and aligning them. These have slowly replaced the metal braces and are becoming the popular choice for patients.

Though these have revolutionized the orthodontic scene there are a few things that should always be kept in mind regarding Invisalign braces. Here are 6 tips which can be very useful to you while using Invisalign braces.

  • The 22 Hour Rule

Invisalign BracesIt is always recommended that you wear your Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day. This is a must for proper alignment. The more you wear these braces the alignment gets better. The Invisalign should be worn for 48 hours for the first 2 days for getting into the fray of your jaw structure. After that the 22 hour rule must be followed daily.

  • The Lisp

The first few days after setting in the Invisalign braces the problem faced by many is the lisp that comes to your speech. With aligner there is a change in the way your tongue moves to bring out the words. This causes a lisp to your speech. Talking without the braces is no solution here. Rather practicing with the braces is a sensible option available which will help you in talking without the lisp in the future.

  • The Attachments

Invisalign braces many times are accompanied by a button. This button is for speeding up the alignment and keeping the tray in the right place and position. It is a good idea to have this button as this allows faster alignment and flexibility in using the Invisalign braces.

  • Proper care

It is very crucial that you take proper care of your Invisalign. It is always advised to keep them clean while not in use. Invisaligns should not be taken off lightly. These braces are to be removed only while brushing and resting purposes. Cleaning contents to be used should be warm water and soap.

  • Drink lots of water

 drinking waterThe Invisalign braces lead to a weird feeling in the mouth as the tongue and oral wall identifies that something is different and thus leads to over salivation to clear off the obstruction. This in a way leads to drying up of the inside the mouth. To help the mouth recuperate fast with the braces it is important that you drink a lot of water.


  • Restricted Foods

Certain drinks and foods must be avoided while wearing Invisalign retainers. You need to brush and floss your teeth after every meal so random snacking must be controlled.

Getting Invisalign is of great help in strengthening your teeth. It’s easy to use, not visible and great for fast alignment. Dr. Valter @ Bellaire dental group provide various kinds of services to patients regarding braces, dental tooth implant and cosmetic dentistry. Bellaire Dental Group providing excellent dental care for all ages. Contact us today for all your dental appointment.