What Should You Do in Case of a Dental Emergency?

Any kind of medical emergency can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Dental emergencies are also not an exception. Such emergencies catch us unaware at times and getting proper medical attention will have a huge impact on the scale of the issue. Here, we have come up with a few guidelines that can help you better handle dental emergencies.


Dental Emergency

How urgent is it?

Though medical emergencies mean immediate medical attention, they can still be categorized under extremely urgent to not so urgent or trivial ones. It is crucial to understand the difference between the two if you experience one on weekends or at night when dentists are not easily available. Here are a few examples of severe dental emergencies:

  • Injured Jaw
  • A Loose Permanent Tooth
  • Gum Swelling
  • Painful Toothache
  • Continuous Bleeding

These kinds of dental emergencies should be dealt with right away. Next, we’ve listed what a mild dental emergency would be considered.

  • Lost Crown or Filling
  • Abscess
  • Broken or Cracked tooth
  • Food Particles Lodged Between Teeth.

So what should you do if you face any of these issues?

In case of a severe dental emergency the first and foremost thing to do is to act fast. Thinking objectively during such a situation is quite difficult. Therefor it’s imperative that you call your dentist immediately to save time and prevent any further damage to your oral health. To restore your smile and avoid these painful situations, here are some common causes to patients who have had dental emergencies:

  • Accidents or Injuries.
  • Not maintaining proper dental hygiene.
  • Not visiting the dentist regularly for dental checkups.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist

Regular dental checkups are a must to prevent any kind of periodontal disease and maintain good health of your gums and teeth. But, in case you experience a dental emergency, seek immediate help from your local dentist. Though there are home remedies for dental problems, some may only be a temporary relief. Any permanent dental issues will require professional help.

A dental emergency is something nobody wants to experience. If you currently have a tooth or gum problem you’re suffering from, book an appointment with us today for a beautiful and healthy smile!