Why Dental Hygiene Visits Are So Crucial For You

Dental HygieneRegular visits to your dentist for dental hygiene and checkups is crucial for everyone. Dental health visits are much more than just a polish and plaque removal. In fact, regular visits to the dentist can play a significant role in your dental wellness as well as overall health. Finding a dental hygiene service is easy, searching for “dental services near me” on Google can help you find a dentist close by.

Regular Visits to Your Dentist Keeps Your Mouth Healthy

It is no doubt that dental cleaning promotes good health for your mouth. There are however many things that your dentist does during this cleaning process that you may not even be aware of.

Many people are not keen on keeping their dentist appointments, and most cancel their appointment for one predominant reason: They believe that their teeth are just “fine”, because they currently don’t have any pain, discomfort, or large plaque or tartar build up on their teeth.

What they do not realize is that unless you are a dentist or dental hygienist, there just isn’t a way for you to perform the diagnostic, preventive and even educational services that happen in a routine dental cleaning. Apart from other more involving procedures such as having dental implants, below are some of the things that your dentist will typically work on during an appointment and why they are critical.

Help identify oral health problems

When you visit a dentist, they are likely to update your medical history and note anything that could impact your oral health. Often, dentists may decide to do an oral cancer screening depending on your medical and family history. Your dentist could also check for periodontal disease signs and may question you on if you have been having issues such as headaches, teeth grinding or TMJ. Of course, the dentist will also examine your teeth to check for cavities or tooth decay that may result in a cavity, and take x-rays if required.

Most people visit the dentist more than their primary care physician, and this is one of the things that make a dental hygiene checkup so important as it is a good chance for you to identify any health issue that could require further attention.

Can prevent future smile health problems

This may include plaque and tartar removal, stain removal, teeth polishing, fluoride application, kids sealants as well as denture cleaning and adjustments. These are preventive measures that are simple but the lack of which could cause issues that would have been prevented.

Provides valuable health education insights

Most dentists have an educational component to their service which includes answering patient’s questions on oral and overall health. This could cover topics such as nutritional information that may affect your oral health, brushing correctly, consultation on services such as dental implants and more.

Can Help You Detect Serious Health Issues

You may not know it, but it is a fact that a good number of health issues have been known to have an oral component. A visit to the dentist may not replace a medical examination, but it may help identify any change in the dental health of a patient that could indicate a more serious problem health wise.

Some examples include:

  • Diabetes, the possibility of this condition could be identified by show of severe gum pocketing.
  • Heart Disease, this can be aggravated by the presence of a periodontal disease that is not well managed.
  • Oral Cancer, this is mostly identified by presence of lesions in the mouth
  • Kidney Disease, symptoms of this include a metallic or unpleasant taste, dry mouth, and bad breath.
  • Anxiety and Stress, this can have an effect on oral health, and make a patient more susceptible to gum infection and periodontal disease. Not mentioning teeth grinding induced by stress.

During a dental hygiene visit or dental exam the screenings that are done may also help to identify risk factors associated with asthma, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, sleep and digestive disorder to mention a few.

A visit to your Dentist for a dental hygiene checkup is often more than just having your teeth cleaned. It involves much more and your dentist can alert you in case of the presence of health concerns that may affect your overall health. Schedule your dental hygiene appointment with us at Bellaire Dental Group today.