Dental Lasers and Gum Disease


What are dental lasers and who is a candidate for laser treatment?


We live in the time of technological advances and discoveries. It’s no surprise that lasers that have benefited medical patients for years are now widely used in dentistry.

So what are dental lasers and what do we used them for?  One of the procedures that we use lasers for is treatment of gum disease. Common symptoms of gum disease include bleeding on brushing and flossing, bad breath and taste, gum recession, feeling that teeth are “loose”.

Gum disease is caused by bacteria that has been proven to enter patient’s bloodstream. It has been linked to many systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and premature birth in pregnant women. In fact, laser gum therapy has been recommended to all pregnant and orthodontic (braces) patients.

Laser painlessly disinfects the gums, eliminating bacteria that causes bleeding and inflammation. This procedure does not require dental anesthesia and our trained dental hygienists can perform it. There is no pain and there are no contraindications.  Pay attention to your gums and know that healthy gums do not bleed on brushing and/or flossing.

See if you can benefit from our laser procedure. Schedule a consultation to find out if you are a candidate for the laser gum therapy and how dental laser can improve your overall health.