How to Choose the Best Floss for Your Teeth

Dental floss

Today, there are a variety of dental floss options available on the market. From having individual floss to a whole container, chances are you’ll be able to find the perfect type to carry around in your bag or pocket for whenever you need it. Even having floss that is mint-flavored can be handy for those times when you are unable to utilize mouthwash. If you are unsure of how to choose the best floss for your teeth, your dental professional will be able to point you to all of the best available options.

Just like all other products that people use daily, acquiring the perfect type of floss might not be an easy choice to make. Regardless of which flossing product you use, the most important thing to remember to do is to continue flossing.

The Best Floss for the Hard to Reach Plaque

There are four well-known flossing products that have shown great success for removing plaque. These are a shred-resistant type, an un-waxed, an electric flosser, and a woven floss. Out of these four, the electric flosser proved to remove the most plaque after a single use.

When compared to standard dental floss, the electric flosser has an equal capability to remove plaque. It is considered as a safe alternative to standard flossing. The benefits of an electric flosser are many, especially for older adults who could have difficulties with using floss. An electric flosser can also benefit many teens and young adults just because of the sheer fun they could have with their use. This can lay true for those who also use electric toothbrushes.

Dental Floss for different needs

Before choosing which floss would be the best, make sure that you take your entire family’s needs into consideration. This is because your family members may require different flossing products. At first, young children should start out using regular floss and then move up to an electric flosser. If having braces makes it difficult to floss then using spongy floss would be perfect for braces and other types of hardware. For tight spaces between teeth, your best bet will be to use a waxed floss that’ll easily slide between them.

Ensure The Product is ADA Approved

Having floss approved by the ADA is a sure sign that the product that you use is highly recommended. This is why companies know that having their product show the ADA’s seal is very important.

Final Thoughts

No matter which type of floss you use, the important part is to remember to floss every day and throughout the day. Make sure to always have some floss handy so when you’re finished eating lunch at work you won’t have to worry about having food particles stuck between your teeth while you smile.