What Should You Know About Dental Anxiety

Dental problems are an evident fact of today’s modern day lifestyle. Our fast paced lives are often causing us to delay out dental check up appointments. In addition, the idea of dental treatment is often accompanied by dental anxiety. Making a dental appointment becomes a harrowing experience for people with dental anxiety and dental fear.

People with dental anxiety are the ones who get uncomfortable with the idea of going to the dentist.

dental teeth

The reasons for this anxiety may be real or just conjured up perceptions of an anxiety stricken person. Some of the very pertinent reasons for dental anxiety can be the following.

  • Pain

The fear of pain is something every human being feels. The cases of fear related to dental anxiety have been found mostly in adults. Painful experiences due to certain treatment during dental checkups lead many people to avoid it in future.

  • Feeling Helpless

Dental treatment

People tend to be afraid of things that are not under their control. Patients often feel as they have no control over the treatment in dental office and are in no way able to influence it. This feeling being subverted, of being helpless leads to having serious anxiety problems and even to subsequent dental phobia.


The magnitude in which a person is anxious regarding dental checkups varies tremendously. At the least a person may feel uneasy the night before their appointment to not wanting to visit the dentist at all. It’s essential to remember that the sooner you take care of a dental issue, the less anxiety you will face later.

Dental health is very important and, as numerous studies pointed out, directly related to the systemic health. Neglecting it due to fear and apprehension can be detrimental to the overall well being.

At Bellaire Dental Group we understand dental anxiety. Among other things, Dr. Valter offers Nitrous Oxide/ Laughing gas sedation to help patients feel at ease during dental appointments. Call us to make an appointment today at 713-668-8383.