How to Maintain a Fresh Breath

fresh breathMost of us live busy lives and those hectic schedules we keep every day often prevent us from brushing our teeth. The look of our teeth is important but more important than that is our breath. In this blog, you will learn simple tricks to maintain a fresh breath.

Brush your teeth, no matter where you are!

Of course, most of us brush our teeth at home but brushing should also be done throughout the day, especially at work. Keep toothbrush and mouthwash at work and keep your teeth clean after lunch or a coffee break. Portable toothbrushes and small tubes of toothpaste can be taken almost anywhere. In addition, don’t forget that small package of floss!

Be careful of the food you choose!

Many of us eat out these days; it’s easy, convenient and we don’t have to prepare the meals or clean up. However, selecting smart food choices should be a high priority. No matter if you eat at home or eat out, choose your meals wisely. Foods laced with garlic and onions may taste good at lunch but won’t make you popular once you have finished your meal. After you have eaten foods that contain odorous foods like garlic and onions, chew on some sugar-free gum or the parsley garnish from your meal.

Practice good oral care

Good dental care should be practiced all the time; not just now and then. Just like the rest of your body; good oral care is necessary in order to preserve good oral health. In addition, don’t forget the mouthwash. Mouthwash will keep your teeth and gums clean and will give you fresh breath.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is usually caused by the bacterial byproducts. Other causes of bad breath are dry mouth, poor dental hygiene, infection, disease, smoking and dieting. Other causes of bad breath are respiratory infections and acid reflux.

Other ways to keep your breath fresh

You may not know it; but by snacking on apples, celery and carrots, you can remove food that often gets caught between your teeth. These foods will rub away bacteria that resides on them and provide an effective way that will lead to fresher breath and will also keep the arteries in your body freer of sticky and harmful plaque. Drinking 48 ounces of water a day will lubricate your mouth, flush away bacteria and keep your body well-hydrated. Keep in mind; brushing and flossing are effective ways to keep your teeth and gums in good shape; however, your tongue should also be cleaned. Bacteria sticks to your taste buds; by using a tongue scraper or toothbrush to brush your tongue, you are able to remove the bacteria or plaque that forms on your tongue.

To conclude, most of us live busy lives and those hectic schedules we try to keep every day often prevent us from brushing our teeth. Talk with your dentist today and find out other ways to keep your teeth, gums and breath clean and fresh!