Dental Anxiety? Nitrous Oxide To The Rescue!

Nitrous Oxide, most commonly known as “laughing gas” is one of the sedation options that our dental practice offers to ensure a comfortable and pleasant visit. Regularly used in dentistry, Nitrous Oxide is extremely safe and effective mild sedative agent administered to accommodate each patient’s individual needs.  Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is inhaled through a fitted face mask placed over the nose. Within five minutes of breathing the gas will start to take effect; the patient will feel euphoric and relaxed, diminishing any anxiety. During the procedure the patient will remain alert with the capability to efficiently respond and behave accordingly. After treatment is completed the patient will receive oxygen for a few minutes and the effects of Nitrous will be completely eliminated. Unlike many other sedatives the patient will instantly re-gain full control of essential motor skills. Nitrous is beneficial to use with dental anxiety, low pain tolerance, strong gag reflex, body aches, and helps to alter the perception of time in lengthy procedures. There are very few contraindications for this procedure; discuss with your doctor to find out if you are a candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is sedation in general?

Answer: Sedation targets relaxation of your central nervous system. This allows for an achievement of relaxed, tranquil feeling during dental visit.

Question: What type of in office sedation does Bellaire Dental Group offer?

Answer: We offer patients nitrous oxide, AKA “laughing gas”

Question: Who makes a good candidate for Nitrous Oxide sedation dentistry?

Answer: Patients who suffer from dental anxiety, needle-phobia, backaches, fear of prolonged dental appointments, fear of the unknown, have strong gag reflex all benefit from nitrous oxide sedation. We also highly recommend this option for patients who feel uncomfortable during treatment or having trouble getting numb with the usual dose of local anesthetic.

Question: What can I expect from Nitrous Oxide?

Answer: The mask is placed over patient’s nose, through which nitrous oxide is being inhaled.  Dr. Valter will control the concentration you receive, customizing it to your needs during your visit. You will experience almost immediate relaxation and sense of well being. You will remain conscious throughout your visit.  In addition nitrous also helps reduce or eliminate pain.

Question: Will I need someone to drive me home after my visit?

Answer: No. Unlike most other orally administered sedatives, nitrous oxide wears off the moment we stop administering it. You will inhale 100% oxygen until you feel completely back to normal and regain your motor and cognitive abilities.

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