Have A Teething Baby: Here’s a Few Tips to Soothe the Pain

baby teethingTeething is a significant step in the growth of a baby, and generally, it starts between the ages of 4 to 7 months of the child. Though it is considered as a welcoming sign of growth, babies feel discomfort and pain during the teething period. Due to this, the parents should take care of their kids and make them ease into the transition period. Parents can ensure the comfort of their babies by applying some simple steps. However, if the infant feels extreme pain or is visibly struggling with symptoms, parents should immediately consult with pediatrician or general dentist. Here are some simple tips to soothe the pain of a teething baby.

Apply Cold

Parents can use cold washcloths, a cold spoon, or chilled teething rings to reduce the pain, and help their babies chew these items to feel more relaxed. The cold substances can create a cool condition inside the mouth and reduce the swelling, inflammation, and pain. Cool and soft food is also an excellent choice as some babies experience loss of appetite due to teething. People should keep in mind that anything frozen would not help out in the situation as it can worsen the health of the baby.

Gently Apply Pressure

The teething can be learned from when kids start chewing on whatever they get their hands on. It could be their fingers, toys and more, and this is a balancing act or counter pressure applied by the baby to contain the teething pain. Therefore, parents can help the baby to apply the pressure on the gums effortlessly. The easiest way is to rub the gums of the baby with a clean finger. People can also utilize a moistened gauze pad if they are uncomfortable in using their fingers.

Make Use of Various Teething Devices

Parents can invest on teething devices that are available in the stores or purchase it online. The devices are either traditional teething rings, small plastic devices, or teething blankets specially made for the young ones. The babies would find it pleasing and relaxing when biting on these accessories. Some of the teething devices vibrate or massage the gums of the babies and give a better relief.

Food is a Remedy

Feeding hard food is another option as it demands the chewing or gnawing by the baby. Teething biscuits, peeled carrots, and cucumber are excellence choice for hard food. While chewing, gums get the pressure that can help relieve the pain. However, parents should ensure that the babies are old enough to have solid foods.


A number of gels and creams are available in the market for relieving the teething pain. Per the FDA guidelines, medications which contain benzocaine should not be used by children below two years without consulting a physician. The gels or creams usually come with local antiseptic and anesthetic. However, the parents should remember that the gels can be washed away by their baby’s saliva, and the effect would not last for long.