Which Toothbrush Is More Effective? Manual or Electric?

toothbrushWhen purchasing a new tooth brush you may wonder what the actual difference is between an electric brush and a manual brush. Price point is the obvious difference but is one brush better than the other? The average manual toothbrush can start anywhere from $1 in price and run upwards to $8 dollars in cost. Electric toothbrushes typically start at around the $20 price point but customers should research their electric toothbrush prior to purchase. It is also recommended to ask your dentist if there is a specific electric toothbrush that they recommend.

Electric toothbrushes have been growing so much in popularity over recent years that the American Dental Association has issued many news releases regarding usage. The American Dental Association has stated that electric toothbrushes can be just as effective at plaque removal and regular manual ones if they are used properly. The same can be said about manual toothbrushes. Manual ones are easier to understand, you are taught certain hand motions and brushing patterns to reach all surface areas when brushing. Manual toothbrush use is also recommended to be accompanied with a timer. Making sure that you are spending a sufficient amount of time during brushing will help ensure that you are giving your teeth a thorough cleaning with your manual brush.

Electric toothbrushes can cost triple the cost of manual toothbrushes but there are many added benefits to utilizing electric toothbrushes. The average electric toothbrush can provide anywhere from six thousand to thirty thousand brush strokes per minutes. This cuts cleaning time in half. The downside is that bristles tend to wear out much quicker with electric tooth brushes. Why would anyone want to choose an electric brush over a manual brush? There are several reasons why electric brushes are used. People who experience restricted movement or arthritis may find it painful to use a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes will do most of the cleaning on their own; the user will only need to change location of the spinning actions which will cause less stress on painful fingers, hands and joints. Children also benefit from the use of electric toothbrushes. Many pediatric dentists have noted that children enjoy the fun shapes and characters that are designed onto the brushes easy to grip handle. The brush doing the bulk of the cleaning helps young children maintain cleaner and healthier teeth. There is a drawback to small children using the electric toothbrush. Some small children admit that the vibrations can hurt their sensitive gums and teeth a bit and some children who are sound sensitive do not like the humming noise produced by these tooth brushes.

Whether you see a cosmetic dentist in Houston or seek other dental services Houston has to offer, most dentists will agree that either toothbrush is fine to use. The type of toothbrush a person uses is based on their own personal preferences and their physical abilities. The most important factor is to be using the toothpaste recommended and to be maintaining your checkups with your dentist. Routine checkups will help keep your teeth and gums in optimal health.