Use Your Flex Plan Before the Year Ends

Another year has flown by and I want to say “Thank You” for your trust and confidence in my dental practice. Many patients do not realize that the dental benefits they have remaining will not rollover into the New Year. If you do not use those plan benefit dollars you will lose them.

For instance, if your plan allowed you to have $1500 for 2012 and you have only used $700, you will lose the remaining $800 if it is not applied to dental services by the end of December.

The cost of these benefits is on the rise and many employers are cutting back on benefits. It makes sense to use every dollar that you are entitled to, which you have already paid for. If you have a “Health Savings Account” or a “Cafeteria Plan” , you may want to use these benefits also. The end of the year is busy so give us a call today to reserve the best time for you.

Thank you for showing your confidence in our practice through the referral of your friends! We always welcome new patients. Call Dr. Alan Stanton’s office at (713) 668-8383 to set an appointment.