Are Veneers worth Your Investment?

Getting Veneers May Change Your Life


veneersVeneers are a cosmetic dental procedure that will restore and recreate the patient’s teeth, which will in turn give them a glowing smile. Veneers cover the front of every tooth that is involved to give a more straight appearance as well as a whiter appearance. If someone is wondering if veneers are worth it while looking for Houston porcelain veneers, or a Veneer dentist then this article is going to outline whether or not Veneers are actually worth your investment.

Veneers have the ability to boost the confidence of the patient receiving them. If looking in the mirror doesn’t make a person happy with what they see because they aren’t happy with the look of their teeth, then Veneers can help change that. Veneers will cover up teeth blemishes such as chips, stains, crooked teeth and even worn down teeth. These results have the ability to give someone much more confidence with themselves and with their looks. A large reason that dentist who do porcelain Veneers in Houston recommend getting these done is to help a patient feel like the best “them” possible.

Veneer dentists are great at their jobs and can even preserve more of the patient’s healthy enamel on their teeth. This is because some of the porcelain veneers that are on the market now are much thinner than Veneers that have been used in the past. These thinner Veneers are able to be placed on the teeth in a way that will allow the Veneers to be able to sit flush on the teeth, giving a more realistic appearance for the patient. Veneers are also custom made for each patient. They are made to cover the part of a patient’s smile that is most visible. This also makes the Veneers fit well since they aren’t just a one-size-fits-all and will leave the patient with a more realistic appearance on their teeth.

Houston porcelain Veneers are also designed to be comfortable, easy to care for and even designed to last a long time. Although porcelain Veneers are more costly than cosmetic bonding, they are a much better investment in the long run. A big reason for this is because the properties that porcelain holds makes this material work great for both restorative and also cosmetic dental procedures. Porcelain is most similar to the natural teeth in the way that they both are very strong as well as resistant to stains. This gives the patient the ability to care for the newly added Veneers in the same exact way that other teeth are cared for. This also is the reason why Veneers can last many years, if given the proper care.

Although the benefits may seem great, they aren’t for everyone. Once a patient has committed to Veneers, they become committed for a lifetime. Because a small layer of the actual tooth has to be shaved off, there is no turning back once the procedure is done. Veneers may not be the best choice for those who chew on hard things such as hard candies or for those who grind their teeth, due to possibly chipping the Veneers and needing to get them redone.

For some, the large price tag might turn them away from Veneers. However, if a patient is very dissatisfied with their teeth and their smile and they are looking for a confidence booster, Veneers may just be the right path for them. Veneers can be done in just a couple of days and then the patient is on their way to a happier, more confident life. Porcelain Veneers in Houston can change a patient’s life! For a quick way to a beautiful smile, contact us today at Bellaire Dental Group.